Cenfest 2021 Open Event

Hosted by Centre Point School; Powered by Logicology

A big thank you to all the participants of Cenfest 2021 – Quizology for your enthusiastic participation! 

Please note the final round was to be conducted for the Top 20 aprticipants, but with some participants tied at the same score, we have 22 participants making it to the final. 🙂

Following is the list of the participants who have made it to the Final Round to be conducted on Friday, 27th August at 10 AM IST (ordered alphabetically):

1. Apala Shukla
2. Arwa Vali
3. Bhargavi Mahto
4. Bhoomi Jain
5. Dhruv Adyalkar
6. Diya Parashar
7. Eshaan Wahane
8. Jagruti Balki
9. Janhavi Bhusari
10. Kushal Agrawal
11. Manas Mehta
12. Ojasva Chandrakar
13. Prabhjyot Marwah
14. Raghav Sharma
15. Rashi Nayak
16. Ronen Christy
17. Saksham Kukreja
18. Sarthak Pandit
19. Sarthak Srivastava
20. Sukrit Agrawal
21. Supratim Bandhu
22. Vedant Agrawal

The finalists will be provided further instructions over email.