Learning Machine

Cenfest 2021 Open Event

Hosted by Centre Point School; Powered by Logicology

A big thank you to all the participants of Cenfest 2021 – Learning Machine for your enthusiastic participation!

Following is the list of the participants who have made it to the Final Round to be conducted on Friday, 27th August at 1 PM IST (ordered alphabetically):

1. Aditya Pande 
2. Chirag Kumar
3. Darsh Disawal
4. Debadrita Pal
5. R Tanushri Ranjith Krishnan
6. Ria Adatia
7. Rishik Madan Jai
8. Ryanchris Dias
9. Saanvi Potdar
10. Siddhant Fatehpuria

The finalists will be provided further instructions over email.