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Problem of Skills and Employability is a serious one. AI will be eliminating most of the do as directed, repetitive jobs . 20th Century skills of rote learning and pattern based problem solving are easily replaceable at scale using AI. Lest the children in the current generation possess 21st century skills, we are staring at a huge problem. To address this problem, we founded Logicology.

Problem solving, independent thinking, lateral and logical thinking are skills that every profession needs. No matter what industry you work in these skills will always be in vogue. There is a need for developing these skills in today’s children for them to be relevant in the era of artificial intelligence and machine learning. At Logicology, we sharpen these skills. Our emphasis is on critical thinking and higher intelligence achievements. We want children to be independent thinkers who find success through their most valuable assets—thinking skills, creativity, and the right mental energy.

For the last 5 years we have been working with School Children (ages 6-14) to enhance their 21st century skills. We have created a Holistic Development program that focuses on AI proofing the children by helping them develop 21st century skills. To spread awareness about problem solving and independent thinking we also organize Puzzle Bee – India’s biggest puzzle competition.

At Logicology, we run workshops and competitions that are carefully designed to illuminate the concepts behind Problem Solving and Logical Thinking in a fun and engaging way. We encourage young minds to think differently. There are many different ways of looking at a problem and reaching a solution. In our workshops and programs we focus on developing these skills in children using gamified, puzzle based and engaging content.

Meet the Founders

Gayatri Phadnis

Gayatri is a passionate educator who has seen the pinnacle of competitive brilliance. Be it a 99.56%ile in CAT 2008 or TATA Crucible Business Quiz, Gayatri has been there and done that. She is a regular participant in prestigious international and national level competitions related to STEM subjects. She has authored a book on “Developing Mental Ability the fun way." Gayatri pursued her engineering from the coveted VNIT and worked as a Software Engineer and Business Analyst before launching Logicology in 2016. Logicology's purpose is to realize her dream of raising free and logical thinkers. She is a frequent speaker at conferences related to teaching and parenting. She also runs a parenting blog and a YouTube channel - Toddler Strides.

Kartik Vyas

Kartik is the co-founder of Logicology. A passionate teacher, Kartik has been associated with different colleges (VNIT, IIT-Powai, NITIE , ISB-Mohali) as a mentor, coach and visiting faculty. For the last 5 years he has been teaching a course on Business Intelligence and Analytics at the prestigious VNIT, Nagpur. A marketing professional and zealous technologist, Kartik has rich experience in the emerging fields of technologies including Analytics and Big Data. An alumnus of VNIT & NITIE, Kartik has written and published many papers on varied topics. He is a winner of the coveted CSI Young IT Professional of the year award for his part in the team for the popular TV show Satyamev Jayate. A team mentored by Kartik won the Smart India Hackathon in 2020. Kartik is Gayatri’s partner in her exploits at Logicology and Tata Crucible Business Quiz.

Gayatri Phadnis - Co-Founder
Kartik Vyas - Co-Founder

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