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Logicology makes problem solving loads of fun! Their mentoring approach of steering children to the solution (instead of teaching How To) instills a sense of accomplishment and boosts confidence of the children. Tricks to solving common problems quickly or avoiding common mistakes in calculations, improves the speed and accuracy of problem solving. Also, the variety of problems dealt with keeps the children engaged. There is never a dull moment; children actively participate during these sessions. My child looks forward to every session, especially the menti quiz, for it gives an opportunity to check the turnaround speed and gauge one’s progress with respect to peers.​
Medha M
From Pune
I am a home-schooling mom of an 8 year old and a 3 year old. Logicology’s Holistic Development program and the CuriOcity Club have been a perfect addition to our home-schooling syllabus. My 8 year old is now interested in geography thanks to the menti quizzes! What makes the Logicology programs unique is not just the topics they cover, but also the way these topics are introduced and handled (using puzzles and quizzes). I would definitely recommend the Logicology programs to every parent, especially to the ones who are home-schooling their children.
Mukta Saraf-Wakhlu
From Pune
I trusted Logicology (Gayatri and Kartik) when they started their first batch back in 2016. I wanted something World Class for my daughters while we were in India for a few years. Both my daughters just loved the programs. It was just the kind of education I wanted for my daughters. I would strongly recommend Logicology.
Aparna Pophali
From Atlanta, USA
My son was initially reluctant to join the course, but after couple of classes got hooked on. He would look forward to the classes and enjoyed the funzoo and anagrams and generally playing with numbers. He is now looking forward to the summer workshops and has even recommended to his friends.
Girish Bharne
From Goa
My daughter, 7 years old, has been attending the CuriOcity Junior Quiz club of Logicology. She finds it really exciting, specifically, the online "Menti" quiz. She is learning a lot and enjoying the fun in learning and eagerly waits for it on Saturdays.
Dr Kaushik Mitra
From Kolkata
My daughter loves her logicology classes and is always looking forward to her next session. It's a fun way of learning and I really like the friendly and fun way in which Gayatri and Kartik teach these kids important concepts in maths, logical reasoning and critical thinking!
Shweta Agrawal
From Dubai, UAE
Our association with Logicology started when both my children attended CuriOcity 2020 Quiz. It was very interesting and from then my daughter looks forward for events in Logicology and registers right away as it provides a platform of healthy competition with kids across the country. Appreciate your effort in kindling the interest in kids and putting their brains in action. Wishing you success always in this endeavour. 😊
Priya Ramkumar
From Puducherry
For my daughter, I wanted something really helpful in the longer run. At Logicology they develop skills that have a longer term impact on children. My daughter just loved the workshops and I never had to force her to learn. I will 100% recommend Logicology
Ninad Saney
From Derby, UK